SEDEX / SISA implementation


SEDEX stands for the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and provides a means for members to effectively manage ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain.

SEDEX Members’ Ethical Trade Audit, or SMETA for short, is a widely applied and accepted audit methodology and report format designed to meet multiple customer requirements.

It encourages suppliers to maintain systems that comply with national laws and the Ethical Trade Initiative base code, which is founded on International Labour conventions.

It is important for suppliers to communicate this code to their employees as well as their own suppliers to maintain utmost transparency.

A 2-Pillar SMETA audit comprises:

  • Labour Standards.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Additional elements of entitlement to work; sub-contracting and home-working; environment (shortened programme).

A 4-Pillar SMETA audit contains, in addition to the above:

  • Environment (extended programme).
  • Business Practices.

It requires that suppliers maintain systems for delivering compliance with national laws and the ETI base code which is founded on International Labour conventions. 


The Compliance Company’s Approach

  • We outline the strategic competitive advantage of ethical trading
  • We focus on the legislative requirements
  • We break down the concepts into easily understandable strategic initiatives for senior management to implement and manage.


Who Should Attend?

  • Directors
  • Managers



  • The facilitated course runs over 2 days
  • The online course can be completed within a maximum of 20 hours.


The Course Includes

  • A full colour manual
  • Templates for the required sections
  • Relevant assessment of competence.



  • To educate senior management in proper ethical trading practices.
  • Ability to implement the ETI Base Code and the full requirements of the SEDEX audit standard.

The course also helps senior management to know what to monitor with regards to non-conformances or observations prior to, and at the time of, an audit.