Tempo Compliance Software

Tempo is a cloud based Integrated Management System that has been designed with the specific needs of the food industry in mind. It is supported by a team of administrators, business analysts and developers who are well versed in quality, food manufacturing, health & safety and the stringent requirements of the OHS Act and the various food safety standards.

Tempo facilitates:

  • Agile and Accurate Dissemination of Information to all Staff
  • Streamlined Compliance Management
  • A Networked Organisation
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Standardised Work
  • Management by Exception
  • Staff Empowerment
  • Business Scalability

Tempo is able to provide clarity, eliminate oversight, establish traceability, allocate responsibility and streamline operational processes in order to bolster organizational goals. 

Tempo allocates work to its users through their own unique dash board known as a Work Summary page. The Work Summary page has many convenient management features including deadlines for completion, escalations from subordinates and escalations to line leaders.

Tempo consists of a number of modules that are quickly customised to your specific requirements.


Both generic and customised workflows can be provided to ensure expedient and accurate handling of customer complaints. Features of this module include customer response letter generation, and detailed trend analyses.

Linkage of documents and records to  audit line items makes for a slick, painless audit be it BRC, FSSC 22 000, AIB, ISO 9000, OHSAS 18001 NOSA, ISO14001 etc. Impress your auditor by retrieving evidential documents and records at the click of a mouse.

Generic templates are populated to complete risk assessments across the enterprise from health and safety; insurance cover; liability; food safety (for all raw materials) and quality.  Tempo provides customised, automated reports with identification of deviation from established parameters and high risk while triggering appropriate action and monitoring of suppliers and adherence to standards on a real time basis. 

All user details are captured on Tempo. Included is a company organogram in which subordinate and line leaders are mapped out. Capture of information such as Personnel data, Medical Screening, Competency Evaluation, Training and Performance Management are permissible in this module.

A document can be defined as any Policy, Procedure or Instruction containing relevant information pertaining to an entity.  Storing and managing these electronically is what we specialise in.

All uploaded documents are allocated an owner as well as audience members who are all those people who are required to read the document.  Audience members sign off their understanding of their documents electronically.

Documents can be revised and edited at any time, and all those required to read a new revision are instantly notified. Version control as well as colour coded status of any revisions are easy to track.

Tempo allows users to retrieve their documents almost instantly from their dashboard, with a minimal amount of effort. This and many other features makes Tempo a must for any controlled document environment.


Tempo has a very adaptable NPD system that can be mapped to your organisations internal structures. Included is project gannt chart to manage NPD time lines. Use change control to manage your equipment, raw material and process changes. Manage and capture outsourced analyses with your external service providers.

Tempo will remind you of impending renewal and re-certification requirements and will provide both detailed and summary reports on your suppliers’ compliance to your SQA programme.

SQA is now offered as a fully outsourced service as well.

Capture all in-process and final product quality records, all of which are traceable and trended. Generate COA’s and COC’s.

This Tempo module links external service providers with internal tasks for completion and close out of scheduled monthly services; ad hoc activities and trending.  

Tempo FS includes NCR handling, the conducting of Internal Audits and the management of CCP’s. In fact, all those checklists that are needed to comply with HACCP, PRP’s and any of the many food safety standards can be customised and mapped into Tempo FS. Adaptable to your sector of the food industry and easily customisable to your business’s specific needs.


We assist clients in studying their own business processes with a view to implementing appropriate and integrated solutions. Once your Tempo system has been set up with any of our modules, adding on customised workflows can be done with ease.

Guarantee compliance with all relevant legislation throughout the organisation by linking all documentation and records to relevant legislation in your specific industry.  Facile, online retrieval of all policies, procedures and records for auditors, customers and other interested parties.

This model includes Batch Traceability Records; all Production and Shift Handover Reports.  Completely customisable for your industry and specific manufacturing plant.

Tempo is equipped with a powerful, high performance report portal that licensed users have access to. From summary trends to detailed filter reports, each module comes with standard reports to which many more may be added. All reports are downloadable into excel, pdf, etc.

This module simplifies OEE within manufacturing environments taking Loading, Availability, Performance and Quality into account. Analyses and trends across multiple production lines are quickly simplified through a comprehensive on line report system.

Generic templates include all Receiving and Despatch Checks with detail for specific company and certification or customer requirements, Material Control throughout the supply chain and customised reporting on all interactions and compliance.

This module includes Incident and Accident Management, Safety Rep Deviation reports, H&S training management and the many safety checks and registers that are required to successfully run a safe operation.

Let us map your maintenance schedules and manage your equipment break downs, engineering projects and the like. Our comprehensive user report system will provide you all the maintenance analysis and trends you will ever need.

In a mature, completely paperless system all cleaning records, both routine and ad hoc are captured online, trends and analyses are automatically generated, streamlining the cleaning and sanitation process while ensuring compliance.

Tempo Support

Our support desk is accessible either telephonically or via e-mail and is renowned for its quick turnaround times. Our support team monitor your system’s usage and health, which is why many of our clients consider us to be an extension of their business.