Customised Integrated Solutions

Our teams partner with you to integrate information and business processes by understanding your needs, implementing best practice workflow models and then working alongside key personnel to get full buy in and accountability implemented.

Our consulting and compliance software solutions are designed to take Clients and their relevant teams through a step-by-step process from beginning to end, tailoring the processes to accommodate any unique needs but utilising and building on our extensive knowledge and experience.

We take pride in the successes achieved with all sizes of manufacturing operations - from small family businesses to large corporate companies. Our ability to train and develop teams to be effective and accountable for maintaining standards, and being continuously audit ready, is well recognised and has resulted in several industry awards for both The Compliance Company and some of our clients.

Our Directors have worked hands-on for many years within the African food manufacturing environment. They know the challenges this can present and have used their Operations Management, IT, Compliance and Human Resources skills to develop a sought after range of services and strategic solutions that are recognised for being effective, well supported, and specifically developed for the African environment.

Our clients rely on our specialised knowledge and expertise to develop staff, create accountability, build Brands and reduce Corporate Risk.

Our affordable solutions are proven to get world class results within an African manufacturing context and our experience and support levels make us the logical choice for manufacturing concerns that need to implement sound compliance systems and structures.