Outstanding testimony to the team at The Compliance Company and our Tempo Compliance Software:

Thank you to the team at Tempo for all your assistance during our audit. We really appreciate the speedy and accurate responses as well as the willingness to always help.

You guys were amazing, especially Helisha and Shenrika. Thank you both so much for putting up with my million emails and phone calls.

We Really appreciate it. Thank you!

Rosanna Naidoo
Merlog Foods

Thank you so much for your help, we could not have done this without you. You were the wind beneath our wings, a pillar of strength and a pillar of wisdom for us throughout this process.

Vuyo Sidelo
Technical Quality Manager, Candy Tops

Our FSSC 22000 audit went very well.  Thank you very much for all the assistance received from you throughout the year.  You really provide the best service and it is really much, much appreciated!!!

Mariska Neethling
Manager: Quality Assurance - Pioneer, Groceries

Wow guys, you're the best!


Mariska Neethling

Quality Assurance Manager

Pioneer Foods, Groceries - Cereals Atlantis

An enthusiastic, friendly, approachable and confident team always ready to provide a fast workable solution.

Debbie Niddrie
Honeydew Dairies

Thank you to you and your team for providing an excellent service. Implementation and one-on-one training of the Tempo software was very impressive. The turnaround time on queries and issues are excellent. Thank you for going the extra mile to make the software work for us. Looking forward to continue working with you guys.

Fayrouz Green
Systems Administrator, Astrapak

TEMPO has given us a new and improved way of managing our quality systems, it has taken us out of our comfort zone and forced us to think out of the box and also showed us ways of changing the mind sets and allowing the accountability of work to be distributed across various departments.Turnaround time of work requested to be done by TEMPO staff is like “lightning” it happens so quickly and if it can’t we will always receive feedback with reasons why.

The friendliness of the staff is amazing they are great and it is so motivating to work with them.

Tanya Gentry
QA Manager, RSA Operations, Irvin and Johnson Limited

We implemented FSSC 22 000 in 2012 and also implemented novel risk and quality systems to manage all forms of risk associated with our products and their manufacture.  The need to reduce paperwork and have a holistic approach to the systems led to the search for an electronic system that is reliable and is auditable by international certification bodies.

The Tempo system from The Compliance Company had attractive offerings and exceeded our requirements.  Having been running it for the past three years, we have realized that it is much more than a paperless system.  It has given us the opportunity to trend and analyse data at phenomenal speeds and has made supervision of safety and risk staff easy through the escalation of tasks not conducted on time, to the next level of supervision.  Since the system is backed up offsite, even a high turnover will not perturb the integrity of the system (many a time QC Managers leave companies and carry the system with them).  The scheduling of tasks and activities is a breakthrough for the optimized management of risk, safety, food and safety management systems.

The team at The Compliance Company offer excellent service and have shown amazing levels of innovation in the face of challenges we faced.  They have experience in many facets of business and have offered solution to HR, risk, food safety and process management challenges.  The team at the Compliance Company attends to queries in real time always exceeding requirements.  A major customer of ours required quality results for specific periods last year and from Tempo, The Compliance Company was able to extract the information within hours, which was breathtaking given that the analysis was done early the previous year.  As one entrusted with managing several plants, the Tempo system has made this formidable task possible.

I will not hesitate to recommend the Tempo system especially to those companies that want to sustain a competitive advantage in terms of systems compliance.

Charles Mugoma
SHEQ Manager, Nampak Liquid

The company, previously known as FlavourCraft (Pty) Ltd and acquired by Kerry (Pty) Ltd in Dec 2011, used and founded the success of it’s management and deployment of the quality and operating standards: BRC; AIB; ISO 22000; OHSAS 18001; HACCP and ISO 9001 through the excellent integrated platforms known collectively as Tempo and with the outstanding support of The Compliance Company.

The Tempo systems aided in managing Standard Operating Procedures as well as integrating the injunctions from each of the quality and operating standards as mentioned above as ways of working so that compliance to the standards was consistently adhered to.  This made the process of external auditing facile and delivered excellent scores through completeness and integrity by way of use of the Audit Master module.

The Tempo systems helped build training and induction procedures with document management systems that were signed off and had automatic prompts for ensuring complete workflows by way of the Document Management module and Task Management System.

The fidelity and high standard of the systems were monitored and supported by The Compliance Company staff to ensure proper and effective use of the templates and integrity of the data therein.  There was also professional support offered to guide staff through the use of the information and the systems at audit time.  This was very helpful to ensure full value of the systems realised during the high pressure times of the actual audits.

I can recommend the Tempo systems and The Compliance Company as of excellent proficiency and professionalism.

Ryan T Ponquett
Past Vice President RD&A in Sub-Saharan Africa for Kerry (Pty) Ltd and current President of SAAFOST

FlavourCraft won a Platinum Award at the Logistics Achiever Awards in 2008. The Chief Judge remarked as follows:

Interconnectivity between FlavourCraft’s computer platforms creates companywide transparency and high levels of comprehensive visibility for everyone. This has further enabled online collaboration of high fidelity data between FlavourCraft and both its customers and suppliers, ... a truly notable paperless integrated supply chain and quality management system where ‘virtually’ nothing is left to chance!

Chief Judge
Logistics Achiever Awards 2008