Industrial Relations

Sound industrial relations are vital for the healthy and sustained development of any business entity. Tempo will partner with you in cultivating appropriate workplace and climate change, relationships, and conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict handling needn’t be something to be feared, when you have a team of dedicated professionals to guide you. From drafting and implementation of Disciplinary Codes and Grievance Procedures to chairing of disciplinary enquiries and dispute resolution meetings, assisting with the management of discipline and everything in between, Tempo will be with you all the way.

Workplace Discipline

Conducting workplace discipline can strike fear into the heart of even the most seasoned manager; with concerns about workplace disruption, employer liability and costly lawsuits there is more than a little to be apprehensive about. With Tempo team of specialists on hand to advise on proper procedure, the drafting of charges, preparation and leading of evidence and chairing of disciplinary enquiries consistent workplace discipline will become a hassle free way of life.

Collective Bargaining and Union Agreements

In these uncertain and volatile times, a strong and skilled negotiating team is vital to ensure that your business remains on track. Tempo brings our years of grassroots experience in wage negotiations, concluding of collective agreements and development of strategic interventions to our partnership with you, bringing about the change you want to see in your organisation.

Retrenchment Process

With Tempo you have a focused and knowledgeable team to navigate you through the intricate complexities and onerous requirements that our law presents, providing valuable advice and assistance with the planning and execution of restructuring programmes, consultation processes and retrenchment exercises.