Performance Management


In today’s workplace there are a range of different reasons why employees choose to take up one position in preference to another. Gone are the days when the remuneration package is the sole deciding factor.

Performance management is a method of aligning workplace objectives with the training and development needs of individuals so that they can contribute positively to the business objectives.

In addition it’s important for managers to align their departmental objectives and targets with the individual staff member’s strengths, skills, experience, competencies and personal goals.

During this programme we will look at how a manager can achieve a positive balance between corporate targets and individual goals.

We will also cover the implementation of effective performance appraisals systems and how to measure effective performance within the job requirements.


Tempo’s Approach

  • We focus on legislative  requirements
  • We break down the concepts to easily understandable content.


Who Should Attend?

  • Directors / Executive Management
  • Senior HR Personnel
  • Senior Managers



  • The facilitated programme runs for 1 day
  • The online course can be completed within 10 hours.


The Course Includes

  • A full colour manual
  • Templates for the required sections
  • Relevant assessment of competence.



  • Managers will have the tools to properly measure their employees’ performance
  • They will understand and be able to identify key aspects or reasons for non-performance and be able to provide the guidance to encourage employees to perform
  • They will learn the skills on how to increase their subordinate’s performance.