Labour Legislation


The way legislation is drafted can sometimes be challenging to understand and interpret. In this programme we look in depth into the different Acts and explain the ideas and concepts behind the relevant sections.

We provide a holistic view to the South Africa labour law so your management team and HR personnel are in a position to develop and maintain a positive and productive working relationship with your staff.


The Compliance Company’s Approach

  • We focus on legislative requirements
  • We encourage the firm, fair and consistent application of the labour regulations
  • We break down the concepts into easily understandable concepts.


Who should attend?

  • Upper Management
  • HR Practitioners.



  • The facilitated course is run over 3 days
  • The online programme can be completed within 30 hours.


The Course Includes

  • A full colour manual
  • Templates for the required sections
  • Relevant assessment of competence.



  • Delegates will leave with an in-depth understanding of the relevant labour legislation
  • They’ll also gain insights into the practical application of the legislation within the work environment.