Discipline in the Workplace


Knowing when and how to apply appropriate discipline has become an integral part of any manager’s or supervisor’s core function.

All personnel who manage other staff should encourage self-discipline in their employees and this can only occur when employees understand exactly what is allowed and what is expected of them and they willingly comply with the Company’s policies and procedures.

Your managers and supervisors need to facilitate the creation of a positive work environment, which naturally encourages self-discipline. This will only be achieved if you set a good example for all your subordinates and invoke discipline in a fair and consistent manner.

This course is suitable for anyone that is required to deal with disciplinary procedures at work. This extensive course gives detailed insight into disciplinary hearings with a practical hands-on approach.


The Compliance Company’s Approach

  • We focus on the legislative requirements
  • We break down the concepts into easily understandable content.


Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Supervisors.



  • The facilitated course runs for 2 days
  • The online programme will take 20 hours to complete.


The Course Includes

  • A full colour manual
  • Templates for the required sections
  • Relevant assessment of competence.



  • Delegates will have the knowledge and ability to implement Company policies and procedures
  • They will leave with the ability to Chair disciplinary hearings and to make the correct decisions
  • The will gain the ability to deal with poor work performances and incapacity enquiries.