Conflict Resolution


The daily management of conflict is a time consuming part of every supervisors and managers daily activities.

Managers are responsible for achieving company objectives and targets while meeting the agreed standards and achieving the agreed quality standards. However, their ability to manage people and handle conflict will determine how successful they are.

It’s important that they are able to identify, deal with and resolve conflict quickly and in an appropriate and positive manner.

Like any other skill, better conflict handling can be learned. An understanding of why it occurs, how it can be identified and what path it usually takes will greatly assist the supervisor/manager to manage conflict flashpoints and identify what can be done to reduce their potential for disrupting productivity.

This course content examines these areas in a manner that is both practical and relevant.


Tempo’s Approach

  • We focus on legislative  requirements
  • We break down the concepts into easily understandable content.


Who Should Attend?

  • HR Personnel
  • Departmental Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Supervisors.



  • The facilitated programme runs for 1 day
  • The online course takes 10 hours to complete.


The Course Includes

  • A full colour manual
  • Templates for the required sections
  • Relevant assessment of Compliance.



  • Delegates will receive the skills to be able to effectively deal with conflict situations
  • They will be exposed to proven approaches to implement when volatile situations arise.